Considerations For Having A Shallow In-Ground Pool

Pool depth is always an important topic to think about if you're hiring a pool construction company to install an in-ground pool in your yard. A lot of people like having a pool that features multiple depths — for example, a deep area at one end and a shallow area at the other end. There's nothing wrong, however, with choosing to have your pool a uniform depth from one end to another, and you might decide that you favor the pool being on the shallow side. A shallow pool can be advantageous because it costs less to excavate and maintain, making it appealing to those on a budget. Here are some considerations if you're thinking about a shallow in-ground pool.


You should always think about the activities that you plan to enjoy in your pool before you finalize plans about how it will look. While many people love the idea of using their pool in many different ways, others want a pool primarily for swimming laps. If you're a fitness-minded individual who expects to swim laps several times a week, you may feel that a deep end isn't necessary. It's perfectly possible to swim laps in a shallow pool, so don't shy away from this design if your primary goal is lap swimming.


Kids love jumping into swimming pools, and will often make repeated jumps and dives during each pool session. If you're leaning toward having a shallow pool, it's worthwhile to consider if you anticipate having kids over to swim. If you have grandchildren or will soon have grandchildren, for example, a pool with a deep end might be favorable because it will provide a deep space in which kids can jump safely when they're old enough. However, if you can't think of a scenario in which children will be swimming in your pool, you might feel that a shallow depth is sufficient.

Selling In The Future

In-ground pools that are entirely shallow are more of a niche design than pools that have a deep end and a shallow end. It's worthwhile to think about when you might sell your home in the future. If you anticipate selling in the near future, it might be worthwhile to have a standard deep-end/shallow end pool because it's arguably more widely appealing to prospective buyers. However, if you believe that you'll remain in the home for a long time, choosing a shallow pool that best suits your needs can be a good idea. Discuss these topics when you hire a swimming pool construction company.