3 Types Of Materials For Your Inground Pool

If you want to install an in-ground pool in your yard, you need to carefully consider what type of material you want to use for your pool. The material you choose for the pool will impact both the function and the appearance of your new in-ground pool.   Pool Material Choice #1: Fiberglass  If you want to install a pool that will be easy to take care of, consider installing a fiberglass pool. With a fiberglass pool, you will never have to replace the liner of the pool and you will not have to acid wash the pool like you would with a concrete pool.

4 Maintenance Tips To Prevent Deterioration Of Your New Vinyl Pool Liner

If your pool has a vinyl liner that has been patched and is deteriorating, it is time to have it replaced. When you have a new liner installed, you want to maintain it to prevent damage and wear that reduces its life. The following maintenance tips will help you maintain your new vinyl pool liner after it has been replaced: 1. Keep the Water Balanced and Clean to Prevent Vinyl Deterioration

2 Things To Help You Get Your Pool Opened Early This Year

Swimming season will be here before you know it. How can you beat the summer rush and have your pool ready to go for the first summery day of the season? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you start getting your pool ready before Mother Nature's ready to let you enjoy it. Schedule the Opening Cleaning Don't put off opening your pool because you don't have the time to do it.

Renovations You Can Do To Update Your Aboveground Pool

If you have an aboveground pool in your yard that leaves little to the imagination, it may need some updating. Your pool should feel like an outdoor oasis that you use for relaxing and entertaining. It shouldn't look like an eyesore that you're embarrassed to have in your yard. If you feel like your pool is more of an eyesore than an oasis, you need to do some pool renovations to get your pool back in shape.

What To Do In Fall To Ensure Your Pool Is Ready To Go In Spring

If you're a proud new pool owner this year, it's a sure thing that you had fun swimming and lounging around the pool over the summer. Now, though, it's time to get that pool ready for winter, and what you do now can impact how ready your pool in when you open it up again in spring. While you'll still have to do some work to get it ready in the spring, if you take the right steps now, your work later on will be a snap.