Pool Maintenance: Care And Maintenance Tips For A Trouble-Free Summer

Pool maintenance is important to ensure that your pool water stays clean, clear, and safe. Keeping a clean pool not only looks great, but it also reduces the risk of certain pool accidents, as well as spending unnecessary money having your pool maintained at some point during the summer. The following pool maintenance information will help you with the upkeep that needs to be done this summer.

Cleaning Pool Surfaces Before Opening 

It is important to clean the surface of a swimming pool before opening it for the summer. You can make this much easier by properly cleaning your pool's surface before you open it. This can save you from replacing equipment because of algae and bio-film build-up that causes damage.

The first step in cleaning your pool's surface is to purchase proper equipment for the job. There are several different ways of washing your swimming pool — by hand, using a scrub brush and water hose; using a pressure washer; and using a vacuum cleaner. Which method you use depends on how large your pool is and how much time you're willing to spend cleaning it. Using a pressure washer is more time-consuming but more effective at removing algae than any other method. A scrub brush and water hose might be the way to go if you're short on time but still want to keep your pool looking good. If you have a small pool, a power vacuum may be all you need to keep it clean.

You should always use the proper equipment for the best results when cleaning your swimming pool's surface.

Shocking the Water When Needed

Shocking the water is a common pool maintenance task done during the summer months. Shocking the pool water is vital to keep it clean during the hot summer months. Shocking the water will help eliminate any contaminants that may be in the pool water, such as oils and sweat from swimmers and residue that accumulates over time. This type of pool care should be done regularly every two weeks or so to keep your pool water clean.

There are two types of shocking; one is called super-chlorination, and the other is called acid washing. Both are effective in killing bacteria, but super-chlorination must be done with caution because it can also kill or damage any filter system in place. Acid washing is a gentler approach to shocking and will not affect a filter system.

Dealing with Pool Equipment Problems

Pool equipment can be expensive, and there are a lot of moving parts that could go wrong. If you're not familiar with how to deal with pool maintenance, this is something you'll want to learn before the summer heat sets in. There are several issues that commonly arise with pool equipment, and knowing how to deal with these problems is essential to prevent serious issues from occurring.

Pumps are an essential part of keeping a pool clean and clear. The pump circulates water to filter out dirt and other debris that would otherwise settle on the bottom of the pool. Unfortunately, pumps can have issues, ranging from simple problems like a clogged filter or cracked hose to more complicated ones like a burned-out motor or faulty wiring. These problems can be dealt with on your own or by calling in a professional who specializes in pool equipment repair.

You'll be enjoying your pool more with the right maintenance plan this season. Contact a swimming pool maintenance service to get professional help with upkeep and avoid any problems.