3 Tasks That Are Part of Pool Cleaning Services

For pool owners, cleaning the pool can often be an undesirable job. While it might be tempting to put off cleaning your pool, this isn't a good idea. Inattention to this important task can result in the pool being dirty and unappealing for you and your guests. You want to be able to freely use your pool as often as possible, which means that if you need help with cleaning it, you should reach out to a local pool service. Pool cleaning is one of the many things that a pool service can provide. Here are some tasks that will be part of a professional cleaning. 

1. Debris Removal

Debris from your yard can often accumulate in your pool, and while removing these things is a fairly simple job, it's a critical one to ensuring that your pool looks its best. Your local pool service will use a long net to remove leaves, twigs, and other similar debris from the surface of the pool. These items can sink over time as a result of getting waterlogged, but you can expect that your pool professional will get them off the bottom of the pool to give everything a pristine appearance.

2. Wall Scrubbing

If you've ever touched the wall of your swimming pool and noticed that it felt slimy, this is a sign that this part of the pool requires attention. During a professional cleaning, your pool service will spend time meticulously going over the walls of the pool to remove any residue. Some pools can even develop moss-like growth on the walls above the waterline, especially when they're in the shade. Having your pool service scrub the walls of the pool will not only give it a better feel but can also improve its appearance.

3. Filter Assessment

During a cleaning visit, the pool service will also give some attention to your pool filter. Cleaning the filter is an important task, but other jobs will take place. The pool service will also ensure that the filter is running properly; pool filters can suffer from decreased performance over time, and the average pool owner may not be aware of such an issue. If the pool service detects that your filter isn't working properly, it can advise you of the situation and then repair or replace any necessary parts. Speak to a local pool service to learn more about cleaning your pool.