The Swimming Pool Construction Process To Add Summer Recreation Space To Your Home

Adding a swimming pool to your home can be great, but you want to start planning before summer. You may want to get started with the work that needs to be done to plan and build your pool. The following swimming pool construction process guide will give you an idea of what needs to be done to open your pool before Memorial Day:

Pool Location and Excavations

The process of building a pool will begin by choosing the right location. There are several things that can affect the location of your pool. You want to have the pool as close to your home as possible. There may be issues like buried utility services and terrain that you have to deal with. You should have your property surveyed before you begin excavations for the pool. If there are utilities or other buried installations in the way, these may need to be relocated for your pool project.

Design and Installation

You will need to decide on some of the design features for your pool. This may have already begun during the excavations, but you have other choices to make. You want to choose the type of surfacing or liner to use. You will also want to consider any extra features you want to add to your pool. To avoid extra costs, make final decisions on extra features before the plumbing is completed. You may want to add features like waterfalls, fountains, or hot tubs to the design at this stage.

Plumbing and Pool Equipment

Once you have the final design of your pool clear and the installation has begun, the plumbing work can begin. All the pipes for the pool equipment need to be installed before the areas around the pool can be backfilled. These should be connected to the pool equipment that you are planning on using. If you want to have the equipment protected, you may also want to discuss options for building a poolhouse.

Finishes and Deck Surfacing

After the plumbing and equipment have been installed, the finishing touches can be done to your pool. First, the surfaces of the pool need to be completed, and the hardware like inlets, skimmers, and pool ladders need to be installed. The deck surfacing around the pool can also be completed while the finishing touches inside the pool are being done. Finally, you will be able to fill the pool and begin filtering the water. Once the pool is full, the pool and all of its equipment need to be inspected for any problems that might need to be repaired.

Getting an early start on your pool project will ensure it is completed in time for you to enjoy it this year. Contact a swimming pool construction service to start planning and to get open for summer sooner.