Considerations For Including A Sun Shelf In Your Custom Pool

One feature that many people incorporate into their custom pool designs is a sun shelf. This term describes a large, flat space at one end of the pool that sits just under the surface of the water. People use their sun shelves in a number of ways, including to slowly get accustomed to the water upon entering, to sit on the shelf in chairs to enjoy the sun, and more. If you've decided that you'd like this feature to be a part of your custom pool, there are many considerations that you'll need to discuss with your pool builder. Here are some topics to think about.

Depth Beneath The Surface

A sun shelf, which is also known as a "Baja shelf," sits below the surface of the water at a depth that is up to you. Some people like their shelves to be just barely below the surface of the water. Because the water will be so shallow in this part of the pool, it will often feel very warm on hot, sunny days. This type of shelf can also work well if the chairs that you plan to place on the shelf are low; you might like the idea of being right above the water, rather than having your back in the water as you lie in your chair. There are also benefits to having a sun shelf that is a little deeper. For example, you might envision standing on this shelf for long periods of time and want the water to cover more than just the bottom parts of your feet.

The Preferred End Of The Pool

You should also give some thought to which end of the pool will be more suitable for the sun shelf. Given that people often enter the pool by walking onto the shelf, it makes sense to have it situated closer to the house or to the main seating area around the pool. For example, if you'll have a large patio between the house and the pool, having the sun shelf nearby will allow people to sit on the patio and then enter the pool in just a few steps when they're ready.

Distance Into The Pool

It's important to think about how far the sun shelf will extend into the pool. Some people favor small shelves — perhaps just long enough to accommodate a pair of lounge-style chairs, for example. If you envision lots of people using this space during pool parties, however, you might wish to have the shelf extend farther into the pool. Remember, though, that people can't swim on the sun shelf, so if you want lots of space for people to swim and play water games, your shelf shouldn't extend too far.

To learn more, contact a custom pool contractor.