4 Maintenance Tips To Prevent Deterioration Of Your New Vinyl Pool Liner

If your pool has a vinyl liner that has been patched and is deteriorating, it is time to have it replaced. When you have a new liner installed, you want to maintain it to prevent damage and wear that reduces its life. The following maintenance tips will help you maintain your new vinyl pool liner after it has been replaced:

1. Keep the Water Balanced and Clean to Prevent Vinyl Deterioration

There are many different problems with pool water that can cause your liner to deteriorate. First, you want to make sure that your water is well-balanced to prevent bleaching and deterioration that creates weak areas of the liner. In addition, minimalize treatments like pool shock chemicals that raise the chlorine levels and can cause damage to the liner.

2. Prevent Tears by Keeping the Pool Area Free of Debris that Causes Damage

There are many things that can cause tears in vinyl pool liners, so you want to make sure that these things do not get in the water. Do not allow sharp objects in the pool area to prevent accidents that cause damage. In addition, keep the water clean and use poolside furniture that is pool-safe to ensure materials do not get in the water and cause tears in the liner.

3. Routine Cleaning to Prevent Stains and Damage to Vinyl Pool Liners

There are also many things that can cause unsightly stains of your new pool liner. Make sure to thoroughly clean the liner when you open your pool to prevent problems with stains and deterioration. Treating the water during the winter months will help reduce problems with stains when you open your pool and reduce wear.

4. Routine Cleaning of Your Liner During the Summer Swimming Season

During the summer swimming season, you will want to regularly clean the liner. This is especially important around the waterline, where stains and debris collect. Regularly scrub marks from the waterline of your pool to reduce deterioration and weakness in these areas, which can lead to tears. There are different times when you will want to clean the waterline, such as when there is a lot of pollen in the air or when the waterline is marked due to pool chemicals or hardwater after filling it.

These are some tips to help maintain your vinyl pool liner after it has been replaced. If you want to repair your liner before summer, talk with a vinyl pool liner replacement service to have a new liner installed and get ready for summer. You can also visit sites like http://www.budgetpoolspatech.com/ to learn more.