Renovations You Can Do To Update Your Aboveground Pool

If you have an aboveground pool in your yard that leaves little to the imagination, it may need some updating. Your pool should feel like an outdoor oasis that you use for relaxing and entertaining. It shouldn't look like an eyesore that you're embarrassed to have in your yard. If you feel like your pool is more of an eyesore than an oasis, you need to do some pool renovations to get your pool back in shape. Read on for a few ideas.

Paint The Rails

The rails around your pool may be rusting or could be discolored. If this is the case, give them a new paint job. To do this, you'll need to remove the rails a few at a time. Sand them down to remove any rust, then wipe them down to remove the sanding dust. Then spray the rails with exterior spray paint made for metal. If the columns around the pool or the sides of the pool need some updating, you can paint these areas as well.

Install A New Liner

If your pool liner has several patches or is faded quite a bit, you can update it with a new liner. The cost of a new liner isn't too much money, and it's something you can do yourself with a few helping hands. When installing the new liner, be sure to do it quickly to prevent shrinkage and tearing of your new liner.

Add A Deck

If all you have is a ladder to get into the pool, consider having a deck installed around your pool. You can have it surround the entire deck, or for a more budget-friendly option, install a smaller deck allowing enough room for a ladder and some space for recreation.

Install Landscaping

Give your pool some added beauty by adding some landscaping around the pool. Lay rock around the edge of the pool along with edging to separate the rock from the grass. Plant flowers or greenery around the pool for a beautiful and tropical look. Flowers such as hydrangeas or daylilies are great choices, and greenery such as hostas or ferns in planters can also be used. Be sure to plant at least 6 inches away from the pool walls to prevent scratching or discoloring of the sides of the pool. 

If your aboveground pool doesn't have that wow factor you want it to have, give it some updating to give your pool and yard that oasis feel.