How To Choose The Most Relaxing Jacuzzi

People purchase hot tubs and jacuzzis for different reasons, so there are multiple types of features and settings available. If your primary goal for your hot tub is hydrotherapy or relaxation, then consider choosing the features below. 

Small Size

The first choice that you may have to make when buying a jacuzzi is its size. There are sizes ranging from personal jacuzzis to tubs that will fit 10 or more people. A smaller tub may be the best option for a relaxing jacuzzi experience. With just one person in the tub at a time, you'll be able to customize the controls to your own personal tastes and enjoy some quiet time. 


Another thing to consider is whether the tub is ergonomic. Hot tubs can be customized to fit the size of the user, so a shorter hot tub owner would need to choose different settings than a taller owner. There may be seat adjustments that you can choose if your hot tub will be used by multiple people, but be sure to try sitting in each tub before buying it. 

Customized Jet Placement

You'll also want to consider the placement of your jets. Therapeutic jets can be placed to target the neck, shoulders, upper or lower back for a massage effect. The combination of hot water and pressure can be a great tool for helping sore and tense muscles relax. 

Customizable Temperature 

Make sure that the temperature settings of your hot tub are going to work for your needs. Temperatures of over 100 degrees can help your muscles relax, although they might not be ideal if your goal is to calm your senses and your nervous system. Optimally, you would choose a hot tub that can accommodate both hot and warm temperatures at the click of a button. 

Customizable Pressure

At the same time, a jacuzzi with varied pressure settings can make for a great hydrotherapy experience. The higher pressure settings can provide more of a massage effect, and the lower pressure settings provide gentle stimulation to the muscles. You may also choose jets that have different pressure types, such as a full blast or a multi-point jet flow. 

As you can see, there are several different settings that can go into the perfect home jacuzzi for relaxation. Speak with your hot tub repair specialist about the best options to meet your needs since many of these features can be customized on a variety of hot tub options. 

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