How To Keep Your Pool In Good Condition During Cold Weather

When the weather is hot and sunny, there is nothing more enjoyable than taking a relaxing dip in the pool. However, when the weather turns cold, it is important to provide proper protection for your pool so that it will be readily available for use during the next summer season. Taking the right steps to protect your pool during the winter will keep it working properly for many years to come. These are some tips for keeping your pool in good condition during cold weather.

Preventing The Growth Of Algae 

When algae grows on your pool, it leaves a very unpleasant, slimy residue on its surface. This can lead to a disgusting mess that is often very difficult to clean up. However, if you can prevent algae from growing, this can all be avoided.

Check your pool water frequently during the winter. While algae does not normally grow when the temperatures are low, it only takes one warmer winter day for it to suddenly appear. If you see any signs that algae is developing, add a shock treatment or algaecide to the pool water to get rid of it right away.

Removing Debris 

Before covering your pool, be sure to check for any leaves or debris that may have accumulated inside. If not removed, debris and leaves may tear your pool cover which then will make it unusable. This also helps keep the pool water from being contaminated by an unhealthy bacteria that may exist on the leaves and debris.

Covering Your Pool 

It is best to keep your pool covered during the cold weather months. This helps keep the water cleaner and prevents it from freezing solid and damaging the pool and other components that are expensive to replace. Make sure the pool cover is tightly secured so that it cannot be blown off by any strong winter winds.

Circulating The Water 

If water will remain in your pool all year around, run your pool pump for a few hours each day so the water can circulate throughout the system. this helps prevent algae and bacteria growth as well as mosquito breeding while the pool is not being used.

It is also a good idea to check your pool thoroughly on occasion throughout the winter. Pay close attention to the pool pump, filter, heater and the surface of the pool to ensure there is no chipping or cracking due to the substantial drop in the outdoor temperature. Talk to local pool contractors, such as A & G Pools, for more tips and assistance.