Four Pool Repairs That You Can Do To Your Pool During The Winter Months

The end of summer is coming soon, and this means that it will be time to close your pool. You may be doing a lot of common maintenance, but it is also a time when you can do the repairs that you could not get to before. You can do things like patch leaks, repair drains and other repairs that you have put on the back-burner. Here are some of the repairs that you will want to do during the winter months while your pool is closed:

1. Repairing Leaks In Liners And Pool Surfacing

One of the first things that you may want to do when you close the pool is find leaks and repair them. This is something that you will want to do before you put the cover on your pool. If the problems are near the top of the pool, you can partially drain the pool to get to them. When leaks are at the bottom, you may want to drain the pool to make it easier to do the repairs.

2. Stopping Leaking Plumbing In Pool Mechanicals

There may also be leaks in the plumbing of your pool. Before you winterize your pool, you will want to find the area where plumbing is leaking and mark it for repairs. This is because it can be easier to find leaks using a dye while there is still water in the lines. Once you have the areas where problems are marked, you will be able to have

3. Repairing Outlets And Pool Drains For A Safe Pool

Pool drains and outlets can also be another problem that you face when doing pool repairs. Old, outdated drains can be a danger that need to be addressed. Have them replaced with new safety drains to prevent accidents in your pool. You can also have outlets repaired to ensure that you pool is in good shape.  

4. Reviving Old Pool Decking While The Pool Is Down

While your pool is down for the winter months, this is also a good time for renovations. You may want to consider resurfacing your pool deck at this time. It can be just simple repairs to the cracks and small damage, which may not be too important, but can be unsightly. You can also have slip-resistant surfacing done to help make your pool safer.

These are some of the pool repairs that you will want to do know while your pool is closed for the winter months. If you need help with major repair and maintenance, contact a pool repair contractor (such as one from Bellar Pools Inc) to get the help you need getting your pool ready for spring.