3 Ways to Make a New Splash in an Old Pool

Looking for a way to spice up a tired old swimming pool? Rather than spend a fortune remodeling it or trying to change your entire landscape design, why not add a beautiful new water feature to what's already there? 


A waterfall can be added just about anywhere in an existing pool. All you really need is a tile or stone wall that can hide a pump to draw water up from the pool and spill it back over the edge into the pool again. A series of short waterfalls spanning a traditional tile or glass tile wall placed along the pool adds a large and contemporary new focal point. Combine rocks and a cascading waterfall to create a new, natural look to the area. How about designing with both fire and water by placing two small waterfalls on either side of a fire pit on the side of the pool? 

Rain Curtains

Rain curtains create both a visual and auditory spectacle as water falls over a portion of the pool. They can be made up of gentle drips that mimic the sound of rain falling or they can be a nearly-constant sheet of water that provides a fun and playful addition to the swimming area. A rain curtain falls from an overhead pipe system that recycles pool water up and allows it to drop back into the pool. Because of their design, they work well with a covered section of the pool, such as swim-up bar, gazebo, or shaded lounge area. Or you can add simple pillars on the far edge of the pool to support a rain curtain as a backdrop for entertaining and landscaping. 


A grotto is simply a rock cave that can be added to or combined with other water features. It can be a small, natural-looking rock cave set alongside your pool that creates a perfect place for a waterfall or cascade of water to flow over the rocks. It can also be a swim-in cave that creates a haven in which swimmers can relax or play. Place a waterfall at the front of a full-size grotto cave and you have a cozy hideaway surrounded by rocks and subtle lighting in which you will feel a million miles away.  

Whichever new water feature you choose, you're only limited by your imagination. Adding a fresh new focal point to your pool can bring it to life again and ensure many years of enjoyment to come. Click here for more options.