How Do I Know It's Time For Pool Resurfacing?

Even the most beautiful, well-constructed pools can eventually fade and wear out if they are not regularly maintained. Poor maintenance can influence the formation of cracks or holes, paint peeling off the pool surface, or water leakages, which can lead to costly repairs and safety issues for the swimmers. You can protect your pool from these adverse effects through regular pool resurfacing. The challenge is knowing when it's time for pool resurfacing. Here are some indicators that it's time for your pool resurfacing:

Your Pool has Surface Cracks

Over time, cracks can start to appear on your pool's surface due to factors like poor maintenance, tree roots, or weather changes. If the cracks are not taken care of immediately, they may grow larger allowing water to seep out of your pool, which is a waste of water and money for you. Water leakage from your pool can also cause structural damage to the surrounding structures like your basement or yard. If you notice cracks on your pool you should contact a pool contractor immediately, to analyze the issue and determine whether you need pool resurfacing.

Stains that Cannot Be Removed 

Stains and discolorations can occur on your pool's surface over time due to natural debris accumulation or chemical imbalances in the water. Some stains can be removed by simply adjusting the water chemistry and using a pool cleaner. However, if the stains are severe and cannot be removed, it might be time for resurfacing. Such stains can make your pool look old and unattractive. A professional pool technician can troubleshoot the issue and offer ideal resurfacing options, which will upgrade the colors, patterns, and general aesthetics of your pool.

Unexplained Drop in Water Level

One of the most common signs that it might be time for pool resurfacing is an unexplained drop in water level. This could mean that there is either a crack in your shell or that one of the fittings on your pool has become loose and is allowing water to drain out. Either way, it's important to get a professional to analyze the issue and determine whether it's time to resurface the pool or do other repairs.

A swimming pool is a big investment that requires regular maintenance to keep it looking great and functioning properly. If you notice either of the above signs, one of the important maintenance services you should consider is pool resurfacing. However, you don't have to resurface your pool only when there are signs of damage, you can also do it to improve your pool's aesthetics, durability, and appeal. Contact a professional pool contractor today, to get quotations for pool resurfacing services.