A Standout Pool For Swimming Safety

Many years ago, getting a pool meant having your yard dug up and a bunch of concrete poured in, with installation taking too long, according to your impatient but happy kids. Now, you have a choice between several styles of swimming pool and a few choices for the main underwater surface of the pool. This is great not only because you have more choice, but also because one of those choices is something that really helps make the pool nicer and safer to be in: fiberglass.

Not Algae-Friendly

Fiberglass' surface doesn't have the pits and depressions that concrete can sometimes have, which means the material isn't the best surface for algae to grow on. This doesn't mean that a fiberglass pool will always be free of algae, but it does mean that it will be harder for algae to get a foothold and grow. Algae in a swimming pool make the water look terrible, and bacteria that grow along with the algae can be harmful to anyone trying to swim in the water. So, having that smoother surface helps make the water a little safer in that these bacterial risks are smaller.

Fewer Chemicals Used

Along with not having as many algae and bacteria comes not having to use as much sanitizer to keep the water safe and clean. In other words, people swimming in the pool will be able to swim in fewer sanitizing chemicals. You'll still need to use them since the risk of algae growth isn't zero. But if you have someone in your family who doesn't like to swim in pools because the sanitizing chemicals irritate their skin, for example, the reduction in chemical amounts might be enough to let them swim without a problem.

Smooth Surfaces Mean Fewer Scrapes

The surface of a concrete pool can feel smooth for the most part, but if you accidentally kick the wall, for instance, you can scrape the skin on your toes. That's less of a risk with fiberglass. Friction still exists with fiberglass, and if you hit the surface hard enough, you could still see a mark. But those random minor scrapes that can occur with concrete are less likely as you swim around a fiberglass pool.

Before you commit to a concrete pool like the ones you remember from your youth, look at fiberglass. These pools are meant to last, and caring for them can be less expensive than caring for other types of pools. Contact fiberglass pool builders to find out if this is the right choice for you.