What You Can Do If Your Spa Is Not Clear

The water in your spa should be clean and clear in order to make it safe for usage. If your spa is not clean, there may be things you aren't doing, or your spa may not be filtering your water properly. When you run your spa, it filters the water in through the drain and out through the jets, in the middle of all of that, the water is being filtered within your spa. If your spa is not coming clean, there are things you may be able to do. Read on for helpful information.

Test Your Water

You should be testing your water with a spa water testing kit. These can be found at your local spa supply store. Check the water with the spa testing kit and add the chemicals necessary based on what the test kit tells you. If you still are not sure what type of chemicals should be added, you should consult someone at your spa supply store to see about having your water tested for you. Usually, the chemicals needed are chlorine, bromine, and shock. You need to add the right amounts of these chemicals, as your sensitive skin can get damaged from too much or too little of these chemicals.

Backwash Your Spa

You should also backwash your spa at least once per week, especially if you use it often. You should backwash in order to clean it and remove water that is too dirty. You may also need to add more water to your spa if you backwash too much water out of it. Add water from your garden hose, but watch for your chemical levels when you add and remove water.

Clean Your Spa

If you are getting into your spa and you have lotions or other oils on your body, it can cause a film around your spa or cause the water to get cloudy. You need to deep clean your spa when this occurs by using spa cleaner. Drain the water from your spa, use the spa cleaner to clean the water line in the spa, and deep clean the rest of your spa as well. You should also clean inside the jets as much as you can, and rinse the spa thoroughly. To prevent cloudy water due to oils on your skin, you should rinse off before getting into your spa.

If your spa is not clear, it could be an issue with cleaning your spa, a lack of chemicals in your water, or it could also be an issue with your spa's filter. Talk to a spa service about having your spa serviced if you are still unable to keep your water clear.