Finding The Issues With Leaks That Are Causing Your Pool To Lose Water

Pool leaks need to be repaired before opening this summer. Sometimes, determining the cause of pool leaks is difficult. Therefore, you may need to have leak detection done. It is important to do this before the weather gets hot to avoid issues with evaporation. The following tricks can help you determine problematic issues caused by pool leaks.

Issues With Equipment Being Set Up Improperly

When you winterize your pool, some of the equipment may be disconnected. This protects it from damage during the winter weather. Sometimes when you set the equipment up in spring, you may have problems with leaks. These issues are often due to improper connections, damaged seals, and other problems. Therefore, make sure to look through the equipment to see if you can find any leaks that will cause problems.

Damage to Plumbing and Pool Equipment

The plumbing of your pool can also be the cause of leaks. Sometimes, these problems are due to water that gets left in the systems before winter. The cold air can cause the water to freeze and damage pipes or connections. The pool equipment can also be damaged by these issues over the winter months. The areas of pool equipment that leak includes the leaf traps, connections to the filter, and the seals around the pump casing. These areas need to be checked for leaks, which can sometimes just be due to wear.

Issues With Damaged Pool Surfacing or Liner

Pool liners are quite vulnerable to leaks. This is because they often decay and lose strength over the years. Often, the problems with liners start off small but eventually become more significant. Therefore, you want to repair minor leaks in liners before the liner needs to be replaced. In addition to liners, sometimes there may be issues with tile, plaster, stone, and concrete surfacing that needs to be repaired.

Problems With Skimmers, Drains, and Inlets

There are other components of pools that can cause leaks too. These can be the skimmers that get damaged due to normal wear throughout the summer months. When the housing around the skimmer is damaged, it can cause your pool to leak around the skimmer. This can also happen to the pool drains and inlets that circulate the water back into the pool.

These are things that can be done to find the issues with pool leaks that need to be repaired before summer. For more information, contact a swimming pool leak detection service.