Swimming Pool In Need Of Repairs? 3 Repairs You Can Do Yourself

If your swimming pool needs to be repaired, you want to get it repaired by hiring a swimming pool repair technician, or you may be able to repair your swimming pool yourself. If you have an issue with your swimming pool, you need to do something about it before you end up with a swimming pool that you can no longer swim in anymore. Read on for a few swimming pool repairs you can do on your own.

1. Filter/Pump Not Working

If your filter and pump aren't working correctly, you may end up with a green pool, or algae growth that can be difficult to get rid of once it begins to grow. Algae can end up putting holes in your liner, as it can eat through the liner. Check for power to your filter and pump. If it isn't running, it can't do its job. If you have power, but you don't have any water being sucked into the pump, you need to check that the water level is at the proper level. If the level is too low, water isn't going to be able to get into the pump and it won't be able to get to the filter. If you have plenty of water, and you have power, but they still aren't working, you should hire a pool repair professional to help you.

2. Small Liner Tear

If you have a small tear or hole in your liner, you need to have it patched before it becomes a major issue for you. If this minor tear becomes a major tear, you'll need to have your entire liner replaced. This can be costly to purchase, and most likely costly to have installed for you. If you have a minor tear, use a liner patch kit to install a patch over your tear. Follow the instructions on the patch kit to install the patch properly, and allow the adhesive to dry.

3. Poor Water Circulation

If you don't have enough circulation, you may end up with a lot of bugs floating at the top of the water, or you could have a lot of dirt at the bottom of your pool. If you have poor water circulation, it could be because you have a full skimmer basket. Empty this skimmer basket each and every day. Backwashing your filter can also improve your water circulation. Backwash your filter at least once per week. You should also check the eyeball return on your pool. If it's not pointing the correct way, it could result in poor circulation of your water. 

If your pool needs to be repaired, you need to do what needs to be done in order to get it repaired before you end up with a hole in the ground. Hire a professional swimming pool repair company to have your pool repaired for you.