Winter Maintenance You Should Be Keeping Up With

You are probably like most people who forget about the pool once the pool cover is on for the winter. This is something that could cost you in the end. You need to also maintain and pay attention to your pool in the winter months as well. Proper maintenance can help prevent a disaster, such as your pool having a blow-out, broken rails, or some other type of issue that will require a repair. If you aren't keeping up with your swimming pool throughout the winter months and doing proper maintenance, there's a good chance your pool won't be there in the spring. Read on for a few of the important maintenance tasks you need to do this winter.

Monitor Your Pool Cover

Keep a close eye on the winter pool cover. It shouldn't be covered with leaves, debris, or water. If you have a lot of this on your cover, it can all become too heavy and end up causing the cover to eventually cave in. It can also cause damage to the cover, which can lead to tears, leaving your pool susceptible to damage this winter. If you have a lot of water or other debris on the cover, be sure to clean off the debris with a long-handled extension pole and a net. Remove the water with a submersible pump. Eventually, the water on your cover will freeze, which can add even more weight, so remove it when you can.

Keep An Eye On The Water Level

If you've had a lot of rain, some of this rain could have seeped into your pool through the cover, or the weight of the water on your cover may cause the pool water to overflow. If you have too much water in your pool, it may begin to drain out of the top, or it may drain through the skimmer. When water gets back into the skimmer, it could freeze and damage the skimmer, which can be a hefty cost to you next spring. Watch the water level and drain water from your pool if necessary.

These are just a few of the maintenance tasks you need to keep up with throughout winter. Also, be sure to walk around your pool at least a few times per month to be sure you don't have any creases in the sides of the pool or don't see any water leaking anywhere else around your pool. If you have an issue this winter and you aren't sure how to fix the issue, call a pool repair professional to repair your pool if possible. If you aren't able to keep up with the maintenance of your pool throughout winter, hire a pool maintenance professional to help with this as well.