3 Types Of Materials For Your Inground Pool

If you want to install an in-ground pool in your yard, you need to carefully consider what type of material you want to use for your pool. The material you choose for the pool will impact both the function and the appearance of your new in-ground pool.  

Pool Material Choice #1: Fiberglass 

If you want to install a pool that will be easy to take care of, consider installing a fiberglass pool. With a fiberglass pool, you will never have to replace the liner of the pool and you will not have to acid wash the pool like you would with a concrete pool. With a fiberglass pool, all you need to do is regular cleaning of the junk that accumulates on the edge of the pool. You don't need to do any special cleaning.   

Fiberglass pools are easy to install, as they can be installed regardless of the outside temperature. Fiberglass is not impacted by external temperatures that much, which makes a fiberglass pool easy to install.   

If you want to enjoy a saltwater pool, instead of a pool full of chemicals, fiberglass is the way to go as the saltwater doesn't wear down the material.  

Pool Material Choice #2: Concrete 

Concrete pools made by spraying shotcrete or gunite into the structure of the swimming pool area that has been established. The concrete has to then harden up during a curing process before it can be filled with water. After a concrete pool is poured, about a month has to pass before water can be added to the pool.  

One of the great things about concrete is that it is really easy to customize the shape of the pool. You can make your pool just about any size or shape that you want when you make your pool out of concrete.   

Every three to five years, you will need to have a professional acid wash the pool shell, which is essentially the part of the pool that is made from concrete. Overall though, concrete is a really durable material to build your swimming pool out of.   

Pool Material Choice #3: Vinyl Pool Liner 

You can also go with a vinyl pool liner. Any pool with a blue interior is more than likely a pool with a vinyl liner. Vinyl liners are great because they are generally more affordable than fiberglass or concrete, allowing you to easily add a pool to your backyard. Unlike a fiberglass or concrete pool, a vinyl pool can also be a do-it-yourself project.  

A vinyl pool liner will not last forever though; you will eventually need to replace the liner in the pool, but with the right care, you should be able to easily get a decade or more. Vinyl liners are not porous, which makes them really easy to keep clean and take care of.  

When it comes to choosing a pool material, a fiberglass pool is great if you want to use saltwater instead of chlorine in your pool, a concrete pool is great if you want a really customizable shape, and a vinyl pool liner is a great choice if you want something affordable and easy to take care of.